Bad Grammar Is Hurting Your Business

Grammar is more than just a complicated compilation of standard writing rules. Grammar is meant to help make the meaning and inflection of a message as clear as possible, but it is also often associated with status, education, and legitimacy.


Scams are rampant in modern times, and people now have to be more cautious and look for potential red flags—one of which is incorrect grammar and spelling. If your business website has grammatical or spelling errors, especially if you run an upscale business, then your potential clients are going to be hesitant about working with you. Spelling and grammar errors produce the biggest red flags in job postings, emails, and websites because these are the mediums most commonly used to promote scams. For marketing materials, these errors may not result in your business being labeled as a “scam,” but they may leave your audience scratching their heads wondering how the error made it all the way to print, why the company would spend money on ads but not editors, or what kind of intelligence is employed at the company. This is not the impression you want your business to have, and it certainly is not the kind of buzz you want to generate (especially not in the age of social media where your errors just might end up in the next viral post).  

We view poor grammar, sometimes subconsciously, as unprofessional and lazy, especially considering the internet-driven world we live in and how easy it is to execute a quick Google search for answers. Small errors in minor documentation may only produce a chuckle or an eye roll from your audience, but errors in training materials can actually prevent a learner from passing a course; errors in marketing materials can block sales before they are even considered; and errors in legal documents can result in lawsuits or the voiding of a contract.

So, do yourself and your business a favor, and hire an editor or a proofreader. Don’t let poor grammar ruin the credibility you’ve worked so hard to build.


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