How We Can Help

At Rennovate It, we can ensure that your employees receive an effective training program that helps them smoothly transition into their career, learn new processes, or refresh their current knowledge with recurrent training. We do this through our four-phase process:

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First, we complete site visits to analyze current processes alongside the current training program. As a third party, we are often able to catch problems that are invisible to those who are accustomed to the processes and programs. If site visits are not feasible or are not preferred, we can communicate with the business's SMEs and trainers, and conduct employee surveys to learn about the training program. 



After we observe and participate in the current training processes, we will have pinpointed some specific opportunities for improvement. We will detail our observations in a report that describes any possible training gaps as well as our improvement recommendations. 



Based on our observations and the approved recommendations, we will enhance your training program through e-learning modules, instructor- or trainer-led discussion guides and learner guides, job aids, or any other delivery method that is most effective for your needs. 



Training should be updated every 12 to 14 months, so we will partner with you annually (or more frequently if necessary for regulatory purposes) to ensure that all training materials are kept up-to-date and ready to go. Minor content updates are included with initial cost. 

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Additional Services

We also offer business writing, editing, and resume design services.